Lee Asher's Magical Legacy

Image of Chinese people enjoying the card magic of Lee Asher

Born To Be Magical

Have you ever heard of Doctor Magic: optometrist by day and semi-professional sleight of hand artist at night? That's Lee Asher's father.


You could say that Lee was born into the art of magic. From a young boy developing his talents to his journey to become a magician's magician, it has been Lee's duty to bring the most astonishing visual magic to the public eye.

"Easily recognized and universally acknowledged, Lee Asher's raw visual style of magic ranks among the best." - Jack M. 39, Florida

Lee's determination to elevate the art of magic has earned him the respect of his peers. He looks at the art of magic from a real-world perspective and approaches it with skills, very few posses.

Truly World-Renowned

During the past decade, Lee Asher has taught his style of magic to other magicians worldwide: in London, Shanghai, Portland, Toronto, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Perth, Miami, Kunming, Los Angeles, Taipei, New York, Paris, Seattle, Santo Domingo, Beijing, Tokyo, Glasgow, Las Vegas, Tel-Aviv, Hong Kong, Vienna - and the list goes on and on. (See map below).

Rising In The Ranks

In his younger years, Lee worked in a number of magic shops, allowing him to interact with different types of people and form a solid foundation as a performer. Over the years, he has taken that knowledge and performed in a variety of settings for all kinds of people.

Multi-Award Winners

All this hard work finally paid off in 1991 and 1992, when Lee won 1st place, two years in a row, at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Close-up Championships. These wins led to Lee being chosen as one of the 1st close-up performers at the prestigious Magical Empire on Caesar's Palace grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Seen On TV

Since then, Lee has appeared several times on prime-time television on networks such as the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Color Vision, & NBC (World's Greatest Magic Special). Lee was also a celebrity judge on Jiangsu Broadcast Corporation's famous Chinese magic show, Amazing Magicians.

Giving Back Counts

Lee loves to share his magic with the community and has been published in all of the industry's leading magazines such as CARD CULTURE, Trapdoor, Channel One, VANISH Magazine, The Penumbra, MAGIC Magazine, Clearn The Decks, Apocalypse, MUM, The Magic Circular, Labyrinth, The Magic Way, Precursor, and Genii Magazine.

While exploring, you'll find performance videos of Lee Asher's magic for your watching pleasure. If you enjoy these videos, corresponding materials are available that teach you to perform them yourself.

Elsewhere On the Interwebs

You may also find selected pieces of Lee's work on Ellusionist, Art of Magic and Theory11.com.